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Journal of Engineering and Scientific Research (JESR)

Welcome to JESR, pISSN: 2685-0338; eISSN: 2685-1695. JESR is an International online journal which publishes innovative original research papers and critical review artides in the field of engineering and scientific research. It focuses on but not limited to Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, Computer and Information Technology, Electrical and Telecommunication, Material and Mining, Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning, Geophysical Science and Engineering, and Interdisciplinary Engineering research, The main criteria for publication are including the originality, scientific quality and interest to the aim and focus. JESR is published by The Faculty of Engineering, University of Lampung, Indonesia twice a year for June and December editions, start from June 2019, JESR welcome for publication collaborations with organizer of International Seminars, Conferences and Symposiums around the world. We are encouraging authors to submit their manuscript through our online system.

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Vol. 2 No. 2 (2020)
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This 2nd Edition in Volume 2 of JESR contains several articles in the field of engineering and applied science research. We appreciate all contributors for public attention, consideration and suggestions regarding the manuscript quality of this issue (December 2020).

This issue contains 10 research articles. The research majority in electrical engineering, information engineering, geophysical engineering, chemical engineering and applied physic in material engineering.

We hope this issue may contribute to a readers, a significant engineering and scientific knowledge as well as the potential of technology applications. We would like to thanks for a tremendous supports and services from the reviewers and all contributors.

Published: 2020-12-28


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